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If you are looking for that one board quiver this is it! It will bring the stoke back to any session whether it be 1ft point peelers or overhead high beachies. It has the best of both worlds performance and noseriding. Made with a perfect fuller nose platform to encourage cross stepping and tip time on the nose with style . its nose concave through to a flat pannel flowing into a nice rolled vee . with a nice tucked edge in the tail allows for explosive turns. The rail outline runs parallel in the front half of the board giving you easy paddle power and stability when walking to the nose and plenty of glide and trim thru any sections of the wave. This board has just the perfect rocker making any take off a breeze no matter how steep the wave. I personally have turned to this board to win many contests in tricky conditions and believe anyone would enjoy this board no matter what skill level or conditions.


  • Recommended sizes - 9’1 to 10’1 (Larger sizes available on request)
  • Tail shape - Square
  • Rocker - Modern
  • Fin set up - Single
  • Wave size - 2-8 feet

Price :

9'0 - 9'6 : $1995

9'7 - 10'1 : $2100


  • Full tint & Pigment colour way
  • Boards under 8' come with a 1/8' cedar stringer
  • Boards above 8' come with a 1/4' cedar stringer
  • Matt or Polish finish
  • Fin designed to suit this model
Extras: Price upon request
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