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I built this mid length board with a need for speed and performance in my mind. if you not happy just gliding down the line, and you want to hit sections go any where on the wave or even pull in . This board will translate under your feet if you are more inclined to more performance boards when the conditions allow. Compared to the Huevo's rocker it is slightly increased giving it more freedom to maneuver top to bottom on the wave. I focused on performance when making this board giving it a single concave that transitions into a double with a vee that runs past the fins to maintain speed and power with control thru rail to rail transitions .It has plenty of paddle power and stability under your chest. It can be surfed in small little dribblers, barrels, and big open faces. Yet, remarkably it is friendly for all levels of surfing. This board will make for earlier easier take offs, smooth dropping and climbing down the line out while not compromising performance.


  • Recommended sizes - 6'4" to 8'1" (larger sizes available on request)
  • Tail shape - Round
  • Rocker - Modern Traditional
  • Fin set up - 2+1
  • Wave size - Waist to double over head

Price :

5’0” - 6’6 : $1395

6'7 - 6'11 : $1550

7'0 - 7'11 : $1650

8'0 - 8'11 : $1695


  • Full tint & Pigment colour way
  • Boards under 8' come with a 1/8' cedar stringer
  • Boards above 8' come with a 1/4' cedar stringer
  • Matt or Polish finish
  • Fin designed to suit this model
Extras: Price upon request
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