Up in Arms - Volume 2

For well over 12 years, I’ve been dedicated to shaping custom surfboards for surfers like you. It’s been an incredible journey, working with family, friends, and a fantastic community of surfers to help everyone elevate their surfing experience.

My journey as a shaper began early in my career, where I had the privilege of working alongside various talented surfboard makers. This hands-on experience allowed me to create boards that I've surfed in competitions and on many surf adventures. Through this, I've gained insights into the subtle changes in design and dimensions that can truly enhance your time in the waves.

To this day, there's nothing more satisfying than creating new boards and receiving your positive feedback. I'm excited to announce that I'm now accepting orders for the last batch of 2023 surfboards. This is your chance to ensure a pre-Christmas delivery and have the perfect wave-riding companion for the upcoming season.

Contact me now so we can begin working to create your next new board.

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