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Up in Arms - Volume 3

Welcome to Creative Army 2024. Lucky enough for us here in Noosa we are getting some nice waves on both the opens and points, with another cyclone system brewing for us. The factory has also been busy making new custom boards for the new year, so I am looking forward to getting them out to those customers really soon. One board that I probably haven’t given enough credit or talked about much lately is the board featured in these photos.

The Jive is one model I’ve constantly been refining over time as it is simply the best all round board I shape. A sleek-lined trimming machine, combined with a responsive longboard feel. With the updated additions we’ve taken many of the original Jive features and added a tad more volume all over and more emphasis forward of centre for great nose riding for broader usability.

I’ve been shaping these for customers a lot lately and always get very positive feedback. These two went out last week and no doubt I’ll be shaping a few more next week. If you would ever like to discuss the various CA models and which board would best work for you, send me an email with your contact details and let’s have a chat over the phone. I always strive to put people on the right board for maximum enjoyment.

So with that in mind, I hope you all get some waves this weekend. Looking good right up and down the east coast of Australia. Where ever you are get out and have some fun and drop me an email to say where you have been surfing lately and how your Creative Army board has been working for you? It would be great to hear from you.

And remember my new instagram account is @surfcreativearmy
Have a good one!